If you travel around town and you enjoy being out and about, the GlyDee self-balancing SCV (Sensor Controlled Vehicle) is for you. With a max range of up to 15km (on a full charge), traveling at an average cruising speed of 10 km/h (jogging speed), you can cover 9 times more ground than on foot. With the ability to handle inclines up to 30º, the GlyDee SCV is a great way to enjoy your commute to work or school, run errands or just travel short distances where a car is more hassle than it's worth.


Although electric, riding a GlyDee SCV for 30 minutes burns around 300 calories. It improves a person's balancing ability and nerve reflex flexibility, which builds core, back, shoulder and leg muscles.


Whether you're a student or a business professional on the move, the GlyDee self-balancing SCV has a very compact footprint (a little wider than an average person's shoulders), making it lightweight and portable so that you can use it almost anywhere.

Some ride bikes or skateboards, however, finding a safe place to lock your bike isn't always easy and theft is often an issue. A skateboard is portable and lightweight, but not for everyone.

Businesses have discovered the increased mobility and enhanced productivity the GlyDee SCV consistently delivers. It ensures speed, range and maneuverability in varied environments.

Working in warehouses, airports, production sites and other logistics locations is hard on the legs. For many employees, walking back and forth is an unpleasant part of the job and not a productive use of their time. Whether in a three-piece suit, a lab coat or overalls, the GlyDee SCV is easy to use, saving you time and effort. 


Corporate and contract security firms are increasingly faced with the challenge of optimizing the efficiency and productivity of their security team in order to meet their client’s demanding requirements. Security officers that utilize the GlyDee SCV appreciate its ability to:

  • Improve response time by traveling up to 20 km/h.
  • Trek indoors, outdoors, into elevators, up ramps and through doorways.
  • Turn with a true zero radius, pivot within its own shoulder width footprint and maneuver in very tight spaces, including between parked cars.
  • Patrol vast areas to manage large crowds.



  1. Easy to use and extremely maneuverable (Indoor and outdoor)
  2. Saves time and effort (increasing productivity and efficiency)
  3. Great alternative for short journeys (less wear on your car)
  4. Safe, high-output Samsung lithium-ion quick charging battery
  5. UL, FCC, CE and RoHS certified and quality tested, ensuring the highest safety standards
  6. Can operate on sidewalks, pathways and in bike lanes
  7. LED lights and self-balancing (increasing safety)
  8. Lightweight and portable (easy to travel with and store)
  9. Weight limit of 300 lbs and inclines up to 30º
  10. Low maintenance (solid rubber tubeless tires)
  11. Zero-emissions and Eco-friendly (100% electric)
  12. Burns calories and builds muscles
  13. Inexpensive and worry-free!


For the dynamic lifestyle, GlyDee™ is revolutionizing how people travel and interact with the world around them. The future is here. Join the movement. Be part of the solution, not the pollution. Order your GlyDee SCV today!


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