Discover GlyDee™, an intelligent self-balancing personal mobility SCV (Sensor Controlled Vehicle), that is fun, safe, easy to control, lightweight, portable and 100% electric! As a leader in electric mobility, it's always been GlyDee's vision to offer environmentally friendly short-distance transportation alternatives for urban and suburban living, that are typically made by car or bike, with a dedication to the highest level of quality, safety and customer satisfaction. It's an approach that combines expertise in the following areas:

Dynamic Stabilization
The technology that enables balancing. It delivers incredible maneuverability (true zero turning radius), a small footprint and a fantastically unique gliding experience.

Electric Propulsion
In addition to being clean and extremely efficient, electric propulsion enables fine adjustments to be made to each wheel (for accurate turning and a smooth ride), and a precise, software-based approach to traction control and braking.

Advanced Sensing
You may feel as though the GlyDee SCV can read your mind. It's not magic. It's the combination of propulsion, energy, inertial sensing and an incredibly straightforward how to guide that enables a ride that will force you to hold back a smile.

Mechanical controls are so yesterday. We're all about using the latest in sensory technology to enable safe control through redundant systems that provide input for acceleration, braking, steering and other functions.

Straightforward User Controls
When you feel it, you know it. GlyDee's approach to user control is that of minimalism. We want to encourage a natural connection between rider and machine. Our innovative sensing technologies allow us to look beyond traditional controls and deliver something better.

For the dynamic lifestyle, GlyDee is revolutionizing how people travel and interact with the world around them. The future is here. Join the movement. Be part of the solution, not the pollution. Order your GlyDee SCV today!


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