A clean, green eco-friendly machine
Discover GlyDee™, an intelligent self-balancing personal mobility SCV (Sensor Controlled Vehicle), that is fun, safe, easy to control, lightweight, portable and 100% electric! As a leader in electric mobility, it's always been GlyDee's vision to offer environmentally friendly short-distance transportation alternatives for urban and suburban living, that are typically made by car or bike, with a dedication to the highest level of quality, safety and customer satisfaction.
The EPA estimates that North Americans take over 900 million car journeys every day, but did you know that half of these trips are less than five miles long and are by solo drivers? If we are able to replace just 10% of 900 million 3 mile car trips with an Eco-friendly GlyDee SCV, there would be:
  • 6.2 million fewer gallons of gas consumed.
  • 286 million fewer pounds of CO2 emitted everyday.
    Zero-Emissions and Environmentally Friendly
    Zero-emissions are given off during operation, allowing you to go indoors with your GlyDee SCV. It does draw electric power during recharge, but that electricity causes 14 times less greenhouse gas and is 11 times more energy efficient than the average car. After one year on your GlyDee SCV you would have literally saved over a tonne of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. It can also help reduce the impact of global warming by reducing our consumption of imported fossil fuels.

    For the dynamic lifestyle, GlyDee™ is revolutionizing how people travel and interact with the world around them. The future is here. Join the movement. Be part of the solution, not the pollution. Order your GlyDee SCV today!


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